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Young New Zealand Film-makers Step Up for Sustainability   

This year's 20 Winning Films in The Outlook for Someday sustainability film challenge are released today at with an online vote for Audience Favourite closing on Monday 2 December.

Made by individuals and teams from 7 to 24 years old the winning films (listed below with synopses) tackle social and health issues as well as environmental subjects. They cover shark finning, palm oil, water quality, endangered sea lions, climate change, fair trade, drug addiction and community reuse of resources.

A Judging Team of 12 people from media, education, government and business selected the 20 winners out of 153 entries from all over New Zealand.

Nine of the winning films are from the South Island, which is more than in any of the previous six years of the film challenge.

"For these young people their film-making is a meaningful experience as well as making a contribution to the wider community," says David Jacobs, Director of The Outlook for Someday.

"Today's young film makers are emerging into an era of public media which is still defining itself. The top-down public service broadcasting model of information, education and entertainment no longer presides. Access, empowerment and participation are taking over."

The winning film-makers will be honoured at The Someday Awards red-carpet ceremony on Thursday 5 December at the Aotea Centre in Auckland's THE EDGE performing arts and entertainment hub.

The MCs for the ceremony are Pearl McGlashan and Jared Turner, and the special guest is acclaimed New Zealand film-maker Andrew Adamson.

As well as receiving prizes totalling $30,000 in value the young film-makers will each find out which of the 20 Special Awards (listed below) they have won.

The climax of the ceremony will be the announcement and screening of the film chosen as The Body Shop Standout Winner, for which the prize package includes Unitec courses or film production facilities to the value of $8000.

The Element Audience Favourite will also be announced at the ceremony, winning its maker(s) an iPad and a video camera.

Now in its 7th year, The Outlook for Someday is New Zealand's sustainability film project for young people. It includes an annual film challenge and a national series of sustainability film-making workshops.1063 young people have participated in the film challenge and workshops in 2013.

The Outlook for Someday film challenge asks young people aged up to 24 to make a short sustainability-related film of any genre, filmed with any camera and any length up to 5 minutes.











The Bucket Fairy by a team from Freeville School (Primary-Intermediate) in Christchurch
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: The Bucket Fairy comes to the rescue and teaches the value of being a Bucket Filler not a Bucket Dipper.

Predator by Mason Cade Packer from Kapiti College on the Kapiti Coast
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A shocking look at the practice of shark finning in New Zealand with an impassioned plea from concerned activists.

Nearly Lost by Liam van Eeden and Jean-Martin Fabre from Verdon College in Invercargill
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: This film dispels myths about the endangered New Zealand Sea Lion and demonstrates why it deserves our respect and friendship.

Today by Sophie Kemp and Katie Ayling from Victoria University
Genre: Video Essay
Synopsis: Taking a big picture view of the beauty of our natural world, this film reminds us that time is short.

The Rubbish Wars by a team from Thames South School (Primary-Intermediate)
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: If we don't change our attitude to rubbish, the future could be monstrous.

Tuna: Trash or Taonga? by a team from Wainui Beach School (Primary) in Gisborne
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A look at the importance and value of eels in our rivers and why the health of our waterways is so important.

Go Bananas by a team from Point Chevalier School (Primary) in Auckland
Genre: Docudrama
Synopsis: A hard-hitting yet endearing piece of journalism looking at the principles of Fairtrade and why we should shop consciously.

Cows and Cleaner Dairying by Sarah Ridsdale from Palmerston North
Genre: Animated Drama
Synopsis: One concerned cow tackles pollution from dairy farming and discovers a farmer who understands the problem.

200 Names Confusion by a team from the University of Auckland and Pakuranga College in Auckland
Genre: Public Service Announcement
Synopsis: Having too many names proves to be cause for confusion in this roll-call of alternative titles for one controversial ingredient.

Bob's Misadventure by Pita Bol from Central New Brighton School (Primary-Intermediate) in Christchurch
Genre: Animated Drama
Synopsis: When Bob arrives on Earth, his expectations of paradise are dashed as he discovers that a vital element is under threat.

Hunter Meets Pollution Queen by a team from Upokongaro School (Primary-Intermediate) near Whanganui
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: When the Pollution Queen threatens the rivers, locals take matters into their own hands.

Kiwis are Dropping the C-word by Lindsey Horne from the University of Otago
Genre: Public Service Announcement
Synopsis: Generation Zero challenges New Zealand not to give into apathy around climate change.

Future by a Skills 4 Life class at YMCA South & Mid Canterbury
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A challenging and frank look at the effects of teen drug use and how to support young people to sustain their wellbeing.

Windows by Ellen Jones-Poole from Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti in Christchurch
Genre: Video Essay
Synopsis: A film about actually seeing.

Free Pile by Ruby Harris and Naomi Ashby-Ryan from Logan Park High School in Dunedin
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: A film that demonstrates how communities can distribute unwanted goods amongst themselves.

15 Ways by Michelle Vergel de Dios from Yoobee School of Design in Auckland
Genre: Public Service Announcement
Synopsis: Fifteen simple ways New Zealand can stay clean, green and pure.

I'm a Little Molecule of H2O by a team from Avalon Intermediate School in Lower Hutt
Genre: Music video
Synopsis: A love song to water that explores the life-cycle of our most vital resource and the need to preserve its integrity.

Wood Vibrations by Shené Holitzhausen from Aoraki Polytechnic and Will Prosor from the University of Otago
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: An exploration of the quiet passion behind the craft of building and surfing wooden surfboards.

Stream Monitoring at Wakapuaka by a team from Hira School in Nelson
Genre: Documentary
Synopsis: An examination of the process a school uses to monitor the health of its local stream.

Today is the Day by a team from Hillcrest High School in Hamilton
Genre: Musical
Synopsis: A troupe of intrepid tree-planters confronts environmental vandalism in their backyard.



  • New Zealand Film Commission Film-making Achievement Award
    For a film with outstanding creative / technical quality
  • Enviroschools Young Voices For Change Award
    For a film motivating young people and/or decision-makers to be change-makers
  • UNESCO Sustainable Future Award
    For a film which promotes dialogue on sustainability through a new perspective and/or critical thinking
  • TEAR Fund Social Justice Award
    For a film which addresses social justice as a sustainability issue
  • The Movement - Healthy People Award
    For a film focusing on health as a sustainability issue
  • Department of Conservation Big Picture Award
    For a film focusing on one or more of the Big Ideas and Values in DOC's Big Picture strategy to connect young people to the natural world
  • Ministry of Youth Development Community Award
    For a film which makes a positive community contribution
  • Te Puni Kokiri Whakatipuranga Award
    For a film with a Maori indigenous perspective on sustainability
  • Auckland Council Film-maker Award
    For a film by a film-maker or team from the Auckland region
  • Unitec Storytelling Award
    For a film with powerful storytelling
  • Adobe Digital Media Award
    For a film with outstanding editing or animation
  • Viewfinder Cinematography Award
    For a film with outstanding cinematography
  • Rockstock Sustainable Lifestyle Award
    For a film focusing on lifestyle change for sustainability
  • Face Television Viewpoint Award
    For a film which expresses a clear point of view
  • Yours Media Empowerment Award
    For a film which empowers its viewers and/or its makers
  • The Erin Simpson Show Secondary School Film-makers Award
    For a film made by young people of secondary school age
  • What Now Primary/Intermediate School Film-makers Award
    For a film made by young people of primary or intermediate school age
  • Tearaway Secondary School Performance Award
    For a film made by young people of secondary school age with strong on-screen performance
  • Upstart Primary/Intermediate School Performance Award
    For a film made by young people of primary or intermediate school age with strong on-screen performance.
  • The Someday Ambassadors Teamwork Award
    For a film with strong teamwork on and/or off screen


The Outlook for Someday  in 2013 is based on partnerships between Connected Media Charitble Trust and The Body Shop New ZealandThe Enviroschools Foundation, the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCOTEAR Fund NZ, the Department of ConservationMinistry of Youth DevelopmentTe Puni KokiriAuckland Council and the Health Promotion Agency.

Unitec is Tertiary Partner. Adobe is Digital Partner.

Funding Partners are ASB Community TrustCreative New Zealand's Creative Communities Scheme and the New Zealand Film Commission

Media Partners are Element MagazineFace TelevisionThe Erin Simpson ShowWhat NowTagata PasifikaTearawayUpstartViewfinder and

Event Partners are THE EDGE, Austin's Food Design Events and All Good Organics

Paper and Print Partners are RockstockB&F Papers and Benefitz.

O'Halloran North Shore is Accountancy Partner. Stephens Lawyers is Honorary Legal Advisor

Industry Partners are Directors and Editors Guild of New Zealand and WIFT NZ.

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